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The post-graduate program in Production Engineering at the Federal University of São Carlos (PPGEP) has been awarded the score of 5 by CAPES. It offers postgraduate courses in the area of Production Management, which comprises six research areas: Agribusiness Systems Management; Institutions, Organisations and Work; Quality management; Work, Technology and Organisation; Technology and Innovation Management; and Production Systems: Planning and Control.

The area of Production Management offers an innovative contribution in Brazil in postgraduate studies in Production Engineering, as it explores the existing interfaces between the managerial perspective, technological changes, quality management, work organisation and production chain coordination. This perspective inevitably includes knowledge generated about these subjects in areas related to Production Engineering, such as Administration, Economics, Computer Science and Mathematics, as well as Social and Health Sciences. This approach provides an indication of policies, strategies, programs and appropriate actions for companies, production chains, business sectors and government institutions. In general, the PPGEP’s objects of study comprise organisations and companies, individually or jointly, in the industrial, agricultural and service sectors.

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